South Pole
The Cave
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South Pole is a continent map accessible through Lonely Cave. It is a snow-covered map with a everlasting blizzard. The only use it is other than roleplaying is an portal to Atlantis


There is really nothing but snow in this map. There is a everlasting blizzard weather in this map. The map is full of hills and ditches. In the middle of it is an small cave with a hill, where most of the players are. The cave itself is a portal to Lonely Cave. However, at the very northeast edge of the map is a portal to Atlantis.

The Portal to Atlantis


  • Many players get 'Lost' in this map in search of the Atlantis portal.
  • Maybe the map is based of Antartica, as it is the south pole. However, it rarely snows near the south pole.
  • This map has the least number of decorations. It is only behind Last Cave, which has nothing in it beside it's ceiling.
  • This is the only default map with a weather system.
  • Many wolf/husky RPs occur here, because of the climate.
  • It is possible to slide on the mountains, making them tricky to cross.
  • In order to find the Atlantis portal, you must go to the top right corner of the map ( use the mini-map to help you ) and you shall see a portal eventually if you went the right direction.
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