The Movie Maker Menu ingame.

This feature has been FIXED.

If you go into the tools and select the biggest dildo from there, a message saying 'Do you wish to enter the salami world?' will appear.

If you answer 'Yes.' you will be stuffed with a giant horse cock that will fuck you from the neck up.

If you, the player, answers 'No.' you will be tracked and killed when you´ll sleep! One of our favourite kidnappers are: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clintus ;), and IKRANAY. Super orgy gods!

Make sure to get prepared for which answer you choose, and we wish you the best of luck. If you die from stretched fuckholes, cancer, aids, or any sort of issue, that will not be our problem. You have done this to your self and you will never ever fix your pathetic life. If you however survive, and will be still active on FeralHeart then this will be your end.

Your account will be banned after for sexual content.