This tool works like a normal character creator, except when you do it, a giant tentacle comes down from the ceiling and slowly shoves its biiiig fat pink dildo cock inside your loose, meaty vagina. Ooh, yeah, you like that, bitch? You better, or I'm getting the belt out again, little slut. You're my bitch, my object. Now, don't tease me with those tears. Mmmph, stop... did I fucking stutter, bitch? What about stop don't you understand? I'm gonna fucking kill you, you stupid whore bitc

When the player is done, they can either be vored into a giant mouth and fall into the map to test out their penis, or they can exit. It can be found by going to the anus, or just simply by sticking a cheese grater in your vagina.

Preset Maker Map

The map that the player teleported into while testing a preset. It is completely empty and flat.

Preset maker

An example of the Preset Maker in-game.