Lonely Cave
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Lonely Cave
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Lonely Cave is one of the first maps the player encounters in the game. Every new character first appears in this map. This map is also the default home. If a player changes his/her home, clicking the "Reset Home" button on the Player Information changes the home back to Lonely Cave.


The huge cave rests on a small island, which shares the Heightmap of Bonfire Island and Ascension Island. Some small trees are scattered around the island. The cave has two portals inside it, leading to South Pole and Ficho Tunnel. The Ficho Tunnel portal is small and is a black portal. The South Pole portal is also a black portal, but is larger and surrounded by Crystals.

Outside the cave, there is a partly submerged portal to Cape of Distant Worlds. If one was to go to the side of the cave, they will find steps to the roof of the cave. From there, one has to climb a series of floating square steps to get to the portal to Ascension Island


  • You cannot see other players in the map, hence the name "Lonely Cave".
    • This helps to reduce crowd and lag, as it is the spawn map and is very small.
  • Originally, Bonfire Island was the spawn location.
  • Lonely Cave shares it's Heightmap with Bonfire Island and Ascension Island.
  • The 'Short-Cut' portal to Cape of Distant Worlds is to reduce the travel time between Lonely Cave to the Cape. (Originally, one would have to go through Ficho Tunnel and Fluorite Plains.)
    • This specially helps players testing a new map.
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