Last Cave

Last Cave.

Last Cave is an area in FeralHeart that is mostly empty. It has a low-lying ceiling, no foliage, and water which is shallow and deep at certain areas. Rocks are scattered around the area. It is reached by entering a small cave near the bottom right-hand corner of Atlantis.

The most common roleplays there are foxes and some characters roleplaying in a peaceful, serene environment.


  • Couples come here to mate sometimes.
  • If your character's personality is to be alone, this is a good place to roleplay.
  • This could be a great place to go if you are in search of peace and quiet.
  • Playing games in here that involve hiding is a great idea. There are many dark corners to hide.


  • There is a glitch in Last Cave that if someone loses connection, get out of there as fast as you can or you may get "Glitch Controlled".