Ficho Tunnel
Ficho Tunnel
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Fuckwit Tunnel is a popular rape map resembling a penis. Originally connecting the old spawn map, Bonfire Island, to Fluorite Plains. It now connects both of them just as well as my penis connects to your mom's little whore pussy, as well as the new spawn map, Lonely Cave. The tunnel has plenty of rape and many gangbanging groups are found here. You should join them, you naughty little slut.


Fuckwit Tunnel is the inside of a penis with curves and turns, and has a primary river of cum flowing through it. It is divided into 'Upper' and 'Lower' shaft portions due to the big cum waterfall. There are no bitch ass niggas in the tunnel, but it is filled with rape, abuse, niggers and wife-beating. Think of it as the hood of FeralHeart.

Upper ShaftEdit

The upper shaft tunnel starts with the portal to Bonfire Island, which is right at the tip of Fuckwit Tunnel's penis head. It then continues with a wide tunnel to the big cum waterfall. Right before the waterfall through, there is a smaller asshole hiding behind a cum waterfall hiding the portal to your mom's rape basement. Ooh, yeah, baby, you like that? You like me talking like that, baby? Well you're gonna get heaps more of this big booty bitch, mmm. Hell yeah big daddy. The smaller "waterfall" is the start of the primary piss river, forming a pool of pee that pours into your mouth. There are a few lone pieces of dick cheese in this shaft portion, and many 'Lion' groups fuck here. The poolside is nearly always filled with people.

Lower ShaftEdit

Right under the big waterfall are a few dildos, and a huge pool of piss, cum and other bodily fluids, such as pus. It is a primary spot for fucking your whore girlfriend. The river originates from this pool. A few rocks are scattered, and many gang affiliated groups use this poolside for rape and shootings.


  • I raped your sister last night
  • Sometimes blood comes out of my penis and I don't know why
  • Pee
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