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Fluorite Plains is one of the most popular maps in the game and is also one of the most popular roleplay hubs. The general chat is filled with advertisements and random conversations. There are many famous landmarks here, and this is one of the biggest maps in the game.


The map has many biomes, including plains, pine forests, beaches and islands. The map is filled with famous landmarks. It is scattered with vegetation and structures, including many caves.

The N/ZEdit

The N/Z is the first landmark the player encounters when entering the map through the Ficho Tunnel. It has a shape of a 'N' or a 'Z', and has two caves on the inside of both sides. A lone tree is also present, as well as a few rocks. Using a few jumps, a wingless character can get on top of the caves. This is also a popular advertisement and roleplay landmark.

Stone Bridge and RiversEdit

Right southwest of the N/Z lies the mouth of a river, there is a bridge made up of two connected stones. It is one of the most popular spots in the map. It is usually filled with people advertising RPs. It gets really laggy, but helps wingless characters to cross the steep river without going around to shallower coasts.

Fluorite (1)

The Lake

The river goes ahead to a large lake just west of the N/Z, and goes ahead to a 'Y' fork. The left side goes on to connect with the north ocean near the 'L Island'. The other side disappears into the ground. At the very east of the map is another, shorter river that also has a 'Y' fork, but both end shortly into the ground.

West PlainsEdit

Fluorite (2)

Temple Rings

To the west of the Stone Bridge are lots of mountains and foliage. Going more west you will encounter the Temple Rings, which one has to climb to get to the portal to the Temple of Dreams. You have to climb slowly or you might fall through the stone. Between both rings are two large trees.
Fluorite (3)

Stepping Stones

More north of the rings you will encounter more mountains and a plateau with cliffs to climb on to. More north are the Stepping Stones. They have lots of plateaus one can climb one-by-one to get to the topmost plateau. Under the plateu one can access are the Glitch Dens.

Pine ForestEdit

Pine Forest

Pine Forest

To the north of the N/Z lies the Pine Forest along with the shore of the north ocean. It has dens usually filled with roleplayers, and the land is full of Pine Trees. One will also find paths of dry sand. There are occasional Oak Trees. This forest is a popular RP spot.

The Twin IslandsEdit

L Island

L Island

There are two islands in the map, one in the north ocean and one in the south ocean. The north island is called the L Island, because it's shape is like a backward L. It doesn't have much foliage, but is a great RP spot. The south island is known as Cape Island, because it houses the portal to the Cape of Distant Worlds. Cape Island is smaller of the two, but is full of foliage and rocks. There is a small mount for players to sit upon. The island is full of Crystals. The path from the N/Z to the island is also lined with Crystals. This is also an popular RP spot.
Cape Island

Cape Island

Eastern PlainsEdit

The Plus

The Crossroads

The Eastern Plains are the least-visited portion of the map, and are located east of the eastern river. Four different paths connect to create the Crossroads, also known as the 'Plus'. The Pine Forest ends here, and the invisible boundary of the map cuts the very northeastern land edge. There is very low foliage. The reason it is not visited much by players is because they have to run for a long time to get there.


  • Players have been asking the developers to add a rain cycle to the map.
    • There is always some public cave claimers, and usually causes two different RP groups to interact.
  • It is sometimes thought that the paths are actually dried-up rivers.
  • There is an area near the '+' Canyons/Gay Crossroads[No one called it that, don't lie to yourself] that is shaped like a string-cheese penis. The Penis-Peninsula is one of the most popular spots for people to ERP in public without getting caught.
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