Ficho Tunnel
Ficho Tunnel
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Ficho Tunnel is a popular cave map resembling a tunnel. Originally connecting the old spawn map, Bonfire Island, to Fluorite Plains. It now connects both of them as well as the new spawn map, Lonely Cave. The tunnel has plenty of landmarks and many Roleplay groups are found here.


Ficho Tunnel is a tunnel with curves and turns, and has a primary river flowing through it. It is divided into 'Upper' and 'Lower' portions due to the big waterfall. There are no trees in the tunnel, but it is filled with shrubs, flowers, ferns and long grasses.

Upper TunnelEdit

The upper tunnel starts with the portal to Bonfire Island, which is usually frequented by so-called 'Fight Wolf' roleplays. It then continues with a wide tunnel to the big waterfall. Right before the waterfall through, there is a smaller waterfall hiding the portal to Lonely Cave. The smaller waterfall is the start of the primary river, forming a pool of water that pours into the big waterfall. There are a few rocks in this portion, and many 'Lion' groups roleplay here. The poolside is nearly always filled with people.

Lower TunnelEdit

Right under the big waterfall are a few rocks, and a huge pool of water. The river originates from this pool. A few rocks are scattered, and many roleplay groups use this poolside for roleplay. With a curve, the tunnel opens into a lake. From the lake, it continues with many curves to the portal to the portal to Fluorite Plains. The two different sides of the river connect as the river disappears near the portal. This portion of the tunnel is not as often used for Roleplay.


The lake in the middle of the tunnel has a Crystal in the middle of it, and it's sloping shores are filled with Roleplayers. The lake itself is in the middle of the river, and water is very shallow here.


There is a glitch in this cave, because if someone presses the 'Prnt Scn' key while trying to climb the wall, they will succeed and jump above the ceiling. They can look through the ceiling from above, and get a clear view of the tunnel from a bird's perspective. It is occasionally used near the Bonfire portal to get a shortcut to the Fluorite portal. Some people RP even here, too.


  • This is one of the most visited maps of the game, as if one needs to get to Fluorite they take this tunnel at the least once.
    • However, one can use the lesser used way to get to Fluorite even faster, by going into the Cape of Distant Worlds portal in Lonely Cave and then using the Fluorite portal.
  • Even through this one of the more popular Roleplay spots, the General Chat stays relatively empty, with the occasional advertisement.
  • Earlier, it was impossible to climb the big waterfall aside from setting your home to Bonfire or using the glitch. Now, you can fly over it.
  • Ficho Tunnel is nothing related to the new "Ficho Tunnels"
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