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In-Game InteractionEdit

By double clicking a character within the game, you will get a new window with a few various options of interaction with a user. Most of these are well needed and will come in handy for any player. It will display things such as a characters bio, group they're in, whisper and blocking options.


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~Double Clicking Somebody~
  • Info Tab: Brings up information about the character but also other options of interactions(as shown above)
  • Bio Tab: Brings up the characters bio(These are written by the users themselves)
  • Whisper: Adds the username to the whisper function, and next time you write it will be a whisper sent to the marked user
  • Add Friend: Sends a friend request to the marked user
  • Party: Sends a party chat request for closed conversations
  • Group Bio: Shows you the group bio of the group the marked user is in
  • Group Invite: Will be shown if you own a group and the user marked is without one
  • Block: Blocks the marked user, making you unable to see eachother

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