Cape of Distant Worlds
Cape of Distant Worlds
Sandy Base
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Cape of Distant Penises (Usually called 'Dick Cheese'.) is one of the most god sex maps of this porn site. It has a meaty dick base, and stretches for long, with lines of Dick Veins. It's most important sex feature is that on it's sides, dick veins can be used to create/download Custom Porn. The total sex numbers of one dick can reach without cumming all over the floor is is 289 meters, however, they can cum on forever out of the map's sexy boundary.


The Cape is a very long pseudopenis with a sexy pink base full of cocks and horse dildos, and has a rising dick cheese that finally reaches an huge cock tip. In FeralHeart+, there is a huge porn site link at the end of it. Smaller dildos line up on the island, like a dildo runway. There is a portal to Fluorite Penises (Or Ficho Caverns in FH+) surrounded by two black penises.


  • Queen Of England.
  • IQueen Of England.
    • Queen Of England.
  • Queen Of England.
  • Queen Of England.
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