Cape of Distant Worlds
Cape of Distant Worlds
Sandy Base
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Cape of Distant Worlds (Usually called 'Cape'.) is one of the most important maps of the game. It has a sandy base, and stretches for long, with lines of Crystals. It's most important feature is that on it's sides, portals to created/downloaded Custom Maps appear. The total number of portals one can reach without flying is 28, however, they can go on forever out of the map's boundary.


The Cape is a very long island with a sandy base full of rocks and palm trees, and has a rising slope that finally reaches an huge rock cliff. In FeralHeart+, there is a huge crystal at the end of it. Smaller crystals line up the island, like a runway. There is a portal to Fluorite Plains (Or Ficho Caverns in FH+) surrounded by two crystals.


  • Some players use the rock cliff as a diving board.
  • If one was to fall off the edge, he/she has to swim back to the sandy base to get back on land.
    • Or he/she could try to fly from the surface of water if they have wings.
  • Sometimes, portals get duplicated and placed on the map.
  • This map seems to have the most people who speak languages other than English.
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