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Atlantis is a large beach-like map, accessible from the South Pole. It contains a portal to the Last Cave, located in one of the caves deep on the ocean floor. It isn't used much for roleplaying, for it's vast size is filled mainly with water. It is used as a way to get to Last Cave.                                

Scenery                           Edit

Atlantis, when you first arrive, is a small island near the outskirts of a medium-sized sea. Surrounding the ocean's edge is land, very close to the end of the map. Swimming down and forward from the island to the middle allows you to see what looks like the ruins of some city. There is a huge Colosseum-like building, broken and worn deep down on the ocean floor. Various caves are hidden in the deep, some with crystals. One contains a portal to the Last Cave.


  • It shares the same map-design as Last Cave.
  • There really is nothing around the water, only land leading off the map's edge.
  • It is not a popularly used area.
  • There seems to be signs of a destroyed civilization down in the deep.
  • Some couples come here to mate.
  • As obviously stated, it is supposed to represent the underwater paradise called "Atlantis" in mythology.


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