Ascension Island
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Ascension Island is one of the most interesting maps in the game. It has a series of floating rocks one must climb carefully to get to the Sky's Rim portal. To make matters worse, flying is not allowed.



Top-Down View

Ascension Island shares its Heightmap with Lonely Cave and Bonfire Island. It has a series of stones one can climb to get to the portal to Sky's Rim at the top of the sky.

The hundreds of 'stepping stones' start with a series of easily climbable square rocks. They soon turn into circular rocks, which get a little harder to climb. Then there is a fork in the path. One leads to a platform with foliage, while the other is the real path. Then in the middle it comes to a 'Disregarded Fork'. While the path may seem to climb ahead, it will only lead to another platform with foliage. One has to jump downwards to a platform that mixes with the background. Then they must follow that path. After a while, they get to the 'Rings', which are similar to the rings in the Temple of Dreams. The rings are only as wide as your biggest lion, and one was to slowly walk and jump up 21 of of these rings. Finally they will reach a very large, easy to climb, ring with a giant square in the middle of it with a crystal, lots of foliage, and more importantly, the portal to Sky's Rim.


Many players use a cheat to easily climb the island, because they have to start over if they fall. Every fifth rock or so, they 'Set Home' on their Player Information. Hence, creating a 'Check-Point'. Then if they fall, they can click 'Go Home' to their last checkpoint. This technique is really useful at the rings, where one can fall in one small step.


  • This map shares its Heightmap with Lonely Cave and Bonfire Island.
  • This map is rarely used for RPs, most only using it to get to Sky's Rim.
  • There was a similar map in Impressive Title, but it had very less stepping stones and only led to a platform with foliage.
  • Many people don't even notice the second fork in their first or second tries.
  • This is the only map where flying is not allowed, except for Lonely Cave.
    • If it was allowed, people would just fly over to Sky's Rim. (They could fly in the original Impressive Title map. But flying is not allowed, so that climbing the stones would be a worthwhile challenge.
  • It is really hard to climb without using the cheat. People who have climbed the island 3-4 times try this.
  • Many people who hang out on this map come from different 'fandoms', the most popular being Hetalia, Homestuck, Ouran High School Host Club, and many others, too.
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